We endeavour to communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible in regard to all school matters. Please ensure you read all newsletters, notes home and check the website regularly to keep up to date with any information you may need to know. Please also check our official Facebook page. The name of the page is Coromandel Area School, so please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us on the page to get instant and up to date information, photographs and updates on school achievements.

This page will show all 'flyers' and 'notices' that go home during the school day (that often get stuck at the bottom of school bags or rubbish bins).

Teacher Only Day - Wednesday 25th November

We are having one final Teacher Only Day on Wednesday 25th November. On this day there is a Nationwide Secondary Teacher Only Day to prepare staff for changes to NCEA. We have decided to close the Primary School also in order to allow our junior teachers to plan and prepare for 2021.

So school will not be open for students on Wed 25th November.

We thank you for your support with this.

Nga mihi nui, Whaea Koren

Supporting our amazing Youth Group

The amazing team who run the Coromandel Youth Group are busy redecorating and building up their resources. Our amazing community have already supplied the following, and we want to say thank you!

Coromandel ITM - $2000 worth of paint

4 Square - 6 new scooters

Richardson’s Realestate - 6 bike helmets

Tara from bead shop - 4 skate boards

Smith whānau - 2 rugby balls

Plus, the Coromandel Lions have offered to build a new basketball hoop and pad.

If there are any other offers of support out there, please contact either our school or the team at Youth Group. Let's get behind a great cause - that many of us have utilised over the years!

Healthy School Lunches Programme 2021

We are really excited to let you know that our school will be joining the free lunch programme from April 2021, currently being introduced by the Government in schools across NZ. This will run throughout 2021, and then the programme will be evaluated nationally.

Lunches will be healthy and nutricious and will cater for the diet, health and cultural needs of all of our students. This will be available for any student from Years 1 to 13. However, lunches are not compulsory and you can continue to provide your child's own lunch if you wish.

Over the next few months we will be working with the Ministry of Education and local suppliers on the best way to meet our school's need and we will keep you updated with our progress.

Nga mihi

Whaea Koren

2021 Te Ao Māori Class for Year 7 - Year 9

All current Year 6 to Year 8 students are being asked for expressions of interest to be a part of a Te Ao Māori class in 2021. This is not a bi-lingual class and tuition will take place mainly in English. However, Te Reo Māori will be taught and used throughout many of the homeroom programmes, with the intention of growing this capacity as the year develops. Students will learn through Māori contexts and gently develop understandings of Māori values, tikanga and kawa, growing capacity in reo and waiata, and examining issues through a Māori lens.

Please read this letter that was distributed last week, for futher information.

An information evening is happening this Wednesday.

Have your say on school uniform: CAS Uniform Consultation 2020

Click on the link below to fill in a quick survey.


Teacher Only Days

We are holding two teacher only days on Thursday18th and Friday 19th September. So students won't be at school on these days. Due to lockdown this year we have missed important days in which teachers can collaborate and plan for 2021.

We thank you for your understanding and support of our staff with their professional development.

Staffing Announcement

Kia Ora whānauI would like to announce the resignation of Ms Victoria Field, one of our Assistant Principal's, with responsibilities for the Y11 to Y13 students.Victoria Field will be on leave for the remainder of this year.We would like to thank Victoria for her six years of outstanding service to our kura, and we wish her every success for the future.We will in time be advertising for a replacement, but in the interim, myself and other senior staff will be picking up pastoral and curriculum responsibilities for all Y11 to Y13 students.Nga mihiKoren Hopoi

A number of NZ's top providers have come together to give you the expo experience, virtually!

Attendees will have full access to the Virtual Expo Hall, where you can interact with over 30 exhibitors from across NZ, ask questions, and access useful resources that will help you choose the right path. You can even chat with staff and current students to find out more about each institution.

This event will be held on both 18th and 19th June.

Check out the programme here and register for the event.

Affordable Internet Option to stay connected

A timely reminder to our whānau and community about a way to stay 'connected', through an internet option set up by community, for community.

Skinny JUMP is a really good option for those that do not currently have an internet connection. You can access it through CILT. The initial signup cost is $5 for 30GB, with further 30GB top ups costing $5. The modems are wireless so do not require a fixed line or long term commitment. Go and see the team at CILT if you are interested!

Exciting news!

Last week we appointed a new staff member who will be the new teacher of Room 4 from the start of Term 2.

We are proud to announce that Miss Claire Johnson, currently teaching at Waitakaruru School, will be joining our team.

Claire's passion is in performing arts and drama, and we are super excited that she is keen to bring these skills to our kura. We will officially welcome Claire at the start of Term 2.

Due to the restrictions being placed on sports & events of late, the following has occured:

1. Mercury Bay Netball Centre has postponed everything until May 2nd at this stage - under the advice of Netball NZ.No musters or trials will take place until they are given further notice from Netball NZ. With this in mind, we will wait to hold trials & trainings for our teams until we know more information about the season.
2. Central North Island Sports Clinic has been cancelled - under advice from NZ Secondary Schools Sport
3. All rugby through school and the Coromandel Rugby club has been put on hold. So no trainings or games - under advice of NZ Rugby.
4. Thames Valley Primary Schools Swimming Sports - 25th March - CANCELLED

Coronavirus Update (9th March):

In order to support schools to send helpful and accurate information about Coronavirus, the Ministry of Education has sent through the facts below. The message is still to not panic, but instead to continue to practice safe hygiene practices.
The facts as they are known right now:- 80% of confirmed cases of all ages have mild to moderate symptoms- 6.1% of all cases are treated as critical – most of these people have other health conditions- If a child or young person does get confirmed with the case, 97.5% will get mild to moderate symptoms only (0.2% critical)- Recovery time (median) from onset to recovery in mild cases is 2 weeks. For severe and critical cases it is 3-6 weeks- COVID-19 isn’t easily transmitted – it is largely occurring in families (75% - 85% of clusters occur within families), not in the community- Early studies suggest that less than 10% of family members of confirmed cases, have been infected with COVID-19- The people most affected are those over 60 years of age, and those with underlying conditions - As with other illnesses such as flu, the highest mortality rate is in those over the age of 80- At this time the vast majority of people in New Zealand have no risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.- Children and young people under 18 account for only 2.4% of all reported cases of COVID-19 – this means we are unlikely to see widespread cases in schools and early learning services- NZ currently has very few cases of COVID-19 and no evidence of sustained person-to-person transmission in our communities- Although asymptomatic infection (people with no symptoms) has been reported, there is emerging evidence that this is rare and not a major driver in spreading the infection- Spread happens through coughing and sneezing by someone confirmed with COVID-19 - COVID-19 does not transmit as efficiently as influenza The Prime Minister has announced the first case of COVID-19 in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health has noted that although we have our first case, the chances of community outbreak remain low. This case was identified because the person affected, and their family did the right thing and got in touch with health authorities. Coromandel Area School would like to reinforce the messages from the Ministry of Health around hygiene practices and travel. Practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence:o wash your hands often with soap and water before and after eating as well as after attending the toileto cover coughs and sneezes with clean tissues or your elbowo put used tissues in the bin. o students & staff should stay home if unwell & seek medical advice if unsure Travellers or anyone who has been in close contact with travellers: Anyone who has travelled from or transited through the countries listed below, or anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has, and who has similar symptoms, should be tested. Symptoms: fever, cough &/or shortness of breath.
Mainland China, Iran, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Thailand If you are at all unsure, seek advice through the Healthline or your local GP, or go to the Ministry of Health website for further information.

Wheels at CAS

Due to the increase of students riding their scooters, skateboards & skates at break times, we have decided to put some tighter control around this activity.From tomorrow there will be cones placed out at the area that students are allowed to wheel around in. This will form more of a directional track that must be followed. A duty teacher will be present to watch the students. A space for 'doing tricks' on these wheels will be set aside, so that the track is just for straight wheeling.We appreciate that some minor cuts and grazes have occurred, but we are also loving the engagement of our students with this activity, and the 'risky play' that is happening.We hope that all whānau will continue to encourage their children to wear helmets when riding too and from school as this is a school rule & the wearing of helmets is compulsory when using 'wheels' within the playground.We would also like whānau to consider other appropriate safety items, such as wrist guards, as research shows that wrist fractures are the most common injury, caused by falling from these items of equipment."The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves" Roald Dahl

School Donations Scheme

Here is everything you need to know about the new School Donations Scheme that our Board of Trustees have opted into for 2020.

School Donations Scheme Notice.pdf
What families need to know about the School Donations Scheme.pdf

Crazy Day 2020

This year the Student Council group at school are holding Crazy Day on Tuesday the 29th of October! Once again each whanau will be split into two even groups. "Students must come dressed in theme! This is not a mufti day (points will be awarded to the best dressed TEAM). It is Halloween themed! There are whanau points to be won from this event, so make sure to bring your 'A' game. More information about the games, schedule, and teams will be given on the day. This is a whole school event, and it is important to involve everyone in all the games. There is no cost."

Reminder: Year 1 to 8 - Teacher Only Day - This Friday

All students in Year 1 to 8 will not be required to attend school this Friday. This is to support the Tuia 250 commemorations at Wharekaho.

School is open for all Y9-13 students. Year 9 - 10 students will be taking part in a yachting trip as part of the commemorations (please see separate permission slip that went home, and return to school asap). Buses will run as normal.

Senior Course Evening - Wednesday 23rd October - 5.30pm - School Library

Next week there will be a senior course evening held in the Library, for all Y10 to Y12 students and their whānau.

There will be a short presentation on NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement), to discuss how it works and answers any questions you may have, especially with the prospective changes over the next 2-3 years. Following this, there will be a presentation on courses offered in 2020, the opportunities and experiences that will be open to students, and career pathway information. Our senior teachers will all be present, and there will be an opportunity to meet with individual staff to discuss courses and subjects. We encourage as many people to attend as possible.

Some new events to lock into your calendar

Senior Course NCEA & Information Evening - For current Y10 to Y12 students and their whānau - Wednesday 23rd October - 5.30pm - Library

Teacher Only Day (Final one for the year) - Friday 29th November

Urgent Message: Primary Only (Y1-8) Teacher Only Day - Friday 18th October

We have decided to have a 'Primary Only' Teacher Only Day on Friday 18th October, in order to allow people to attend the Tuia 250 Commemorations at Wharekaho. All Year 1 to 8 students will not attend school on this day, unless they have been chosen to be part of the Kapa Haka group performing at Te Pōwhiri. All Year 9 to 13 students, not in Kapa Haka, will be required to attend school and there will be secondary staff here to teach them. If the weather permits, the Y9 and Y10 students will be taking part in a trip on this day, to Wharekaho (details to come soon). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but the significance of these commemorations is huge, and we would like to encourage everyone to get behind them.

Immunisation Certificates

While checking students' vaccination records on KAMAR, we have noticed many students have not produced an Immunisation Certificate to the office on enrolment. To make it easier for you, you can send our Office Administrator permission, via email, phone or through our website feedback form, to confirm your child(ren)'s immunisation with the Coromandel Family Health Centre (if this is your family doctor).

External Entries and study Support for Seniors

All senior students were given their external exam entry forms in July and are gradually completing them. These forms show which external exams students wish to take at the end of the year. We are required to have this information ready for NZQA by the 1st September and in order to process each entry we need these forms back by the 16th August. Seniors have also been given a calendar of weeks left until the externals start along with their NZQA login and credit score. Students are asked to plan for their deadlines and make space and time for study and completing internal assessments. Staff have also made themselves available during intervals and lunchtimes to support students should they wish to gain extra support or teaching. Click here for the teacher availability timetable!

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award scheme is now at Coromandel Area School. This is the world’s leading youth achievement award for students aged between 14 to 24.

Participants complete four sections at each level of Bronze, Silver & Gold: Voluntary Service, Skills, Physical Recreation & Adventurous Journey.

If you want more information, click on this link to the brochure and see Matua Chris Long.

Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre Opportunity

Another EPIC opportunity for our ākonga!

Four Coromandel students can apply to attend to attend a 5 day Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre course at Turangi, in December. They just need to be between 14 and 18 years.

The Spirit of Coromandel Trust pay for all the costs, travel, course, spending money to and from, and any gear that students don't have, they can borrow from OPC - so no excuses to not have a go!

This is on offer because the K2 Cycle Race started and finished in Coromandel last year and the Spirit of Coromandel Trust, who run this event, like to give something back to the community that help with the event each year.

Once all the applications are in they will interview each of the applicants.

Support our youth to be courageous and have a go at this EPIC opportunity!

If students would like support with filling in the application and/or interview techniques, they can see their mentor teacher of Mrs Hopoi. Click here for the application form.

Go to www.hillaryoutdoors.co.nz for more information on the course.

New Policies and Procedures website for CAS.

We are excited to announce that the our new Policy & Procedures site is now live and available to our school community. SchoolDocs is where whānau can go to see all our policies and procedures that have been tailored to our school. Click here for more information & how to access the site!

Community Dental Clinic - Term 3

The Community Dental Clinic is at our school for all of Term 3. Any 0-18 year old in the community is welcome to attend, free of charge. Open 8.30am till 4.00pm - Monday to Friday. Pop in and make an appointment or call 0800 Talk Teeth and you can get put through to the clinic.

New Polar Fleece Jumpers

Our new school jumpers have landed at The Warehouse in Thames. There is limited stock, due to the demand for this black material from other schools. However, another batch will soon be delivered.

  • Size 4-6 = $42.00.

  • Size 8-16 = $46

  • Size S-XL = $57

New Whānau Tee Shirts

Our new Whānau Tee Shirts will be landing in The Warehouse in Thames on Monday 8th July. Sizes 4-16 - $24.50 Sizes S-L - $25.50

We are signing up to a new product called 'Career Central' that delivers career education through an online platform. This is currently being used by over 100,000 NZ school students, and we will initially be rolling this out next Term to all Year 9 to 13 students.

Career Central makes it possible for students to take ownership of their career plan and for parents & caregivers to be empowered to have career conversations with their child(ren). Students, parents and teachers will have 24/7 access on any device to this service. Our Careers Coordinator will use this platform to manage student pathways.

In signing up to this service, Career Central will be receiving information about our students. This information is what is stored in our current student information system, and will be under the same privacy policy as that system. If you have any questions, or would like to opt out, then please contact our school's privacy officer by emailing principal@coroarea.school.nz.

For more information click on the picture.

Duke of Ed Brochure.pdf

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award scheme is coming to Coromandel Area School.

We are looking for volunteers from our whānau & community to join a small group of teachers who would lead this programme in our kura.

This is the world’s leading youth achievement award for students aged between 14 to 24.

If you want more information, click on the link to the brochure.

If you are willing to join this group message our Facebook page, or send an email to principal@coroarea.school.nz

Lost Property

There are a LOT of items of clothing & shoes sitting in the school library. All items that were named have been given back to the student.

However, we have Nike, Adidas, Hunting & Fishing clothes & shoes, school jackets, and brand new school shirts, all waiting to be claimed.

If you can describe what you are missing, and tell us the size, then you can claim it.

Call Yvette Storey on 07 8668893 ext 211, if you have any questions, or pop in next time you are in the school.