Strategic Aims

3 Year Strategic Aims .pdf
2019 Learning Aims.pdf

We aim to

Empower our children to be confident, self-directed learners by providing a learning framework that articulates what our community values and believes about learning. Relevant real-life experiences are woven into quality learning inside and outside the classroom.

Encourage caring and responsibility so that our students protect each other and the environment, with positive learning and behaviour a way of life at our school. Whole school well-being is at the forefront of all our decision-making.

Clarify and strengthen the identity of our students by respecting and celebrating difference and uniqueness; supporting the varied needs of our akonga with flexible targeted learning, and creating a sense of pride in every achievement, be it cultural, sporting or academic.

Ensure our school is at the heart of our community. Inclusive and successful communication connect our teachers, students and whanau to our community, iwi, and global world. A coherent journey from Year 1-13 provides a sense of belonging, with guidance and inspiration along a clear pathway.

“We want happy, healthy, kind, successful students, staff, and whānau”

Annual Plan 2019.pdf

2019 Annual Plan - How we will reach our aims

Our 2019 Annual Plan is a living document. The Senior Leadership Team (4 members) review this on a weekly basis and monitor progress on all proposed actions. Each member of our leadership team has assigned portfolios that they are responsible for, and will work with other staff, students, whanau & external providers, to ensure we remain heading in the right direction.