Strategic Direction

Where we have come from

Coromandel Area School is nestled between the Hauraki Gulf and the base of our sacred maunga Tokatea, in the coastal town of Coromandel known for its cultural & historical significance, as well as farming, aquaculture, conservation, tourism and creative industries. Our school has a rich and unique history and has been at the heart of our local community since 1875.  At Coromandel Area School we take environmental, cultural and social responsivity seriously, and we weave these skills throughout our curriculum, to support our students’ navigation in this ever-changing world.  Locally, we identify opportunities that we can participate in, making learning relevant, authentic, and engaging. Our unique school environs are spectacular and our increased connectivity with community and the Coromandel region provide a superb foundation for quality school experiences for all students and their families.  We aim to honour our bi-cultural heritage by working with tangata whenua to ensure our school values reflect & acknowledge the traditions, history, and tikanga of our local iwi, and to ensure successful educational experiences for our Maori akonga. 

Where we are heading

Kauri are among the world’s mightiest trees and are of great historical and cultural importance to the Coromandel peninsula, which is why they symbolise our akonga.  Our aim is to nurture and grow our tamariki into mighty Kauri.  Once planted, the Kauri forms enduring connections with our land, people, and ancestors, spreading its roots deep and wide, nurturing further growth.  As these connections form, self-awareness and individual identities start to emerge. Under the protection of the canopy, kauri trees continue to grow and develop in a safe, inclusive environment, with our values branching out to everything they touch.  At full height, our kauri form the nurturing canopy and our akonga are empowered to embrace the world and all it has to offer, as EPIC individuals.  

"E kore au e ngaro. He kakano ahau, ruia mai i Rangiatea" "I shall never be lost. For I am a seed scattered from Rangiatea”

What guides us

The four values that underpin everything we do are Empower, Protect, Identity, & Connect, and together they form the word EPIC.  These values have grown out of what our community want to see in our graduates and are linked with the four stages of cognitive brain development.  These values are also depicted through the growth of a kauri tree, starting from the connections formed at the roots all the way through to the formation of a kauri cone, our school logo.