At Coromandel Area School we are extremely lucky to have a wonderful, spacious, and well-stocked Library.  A stand alone school library is a bit of a rarity in today’s schools, and we understand the importance of holding onto this type of treasure. 

Each year our stock of books is updated and kept current.  We have a great range of both fiction and non-fiction books that students can loan.  All Year 1 to 8 classes have time in the Library each week, and our senior students are able to peruse the shelves at their own leisure.  The Library is open during most break times, for those students who wish to come and read, scroll the internet, or play board games. 

We also utilise the space to hold parent interviews, junior assemblies, presentations, and workshops.The space is also used as a study area for our senior students who have Distance Learning classes, or who just need a quiet place to work.  Digital devices are on offer to support this study, and the space is well looked after & supervised by our Careers & Pathways Co-ordinator, Mrs Yvette Storey. 

Our school is also part of the Duffy Books in Home programme, which means that all of our Year 1 to 8 students are able to choose books to keep each Term for free!  Through this programme we also have Duffy Book Ambassadors come to speak to all of our students, and these are often famous writers, who engage our students by reading some of their own works.  Students who are working exceptionally well at school may also be awarded a Duffy Books in Home Certificate at our fortnightly school assembly. Along with receiving this certificate, the students get to select a book to keep also.