Senior students at CAS study towards gaining their National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) at Level 1, 2 and 3, & Scholarship.

Students may have very flexible and mixed level programmes, depending on their learning needs and their career pathway.  

Credits are offered towards NCEA through the subjects taught at CAS, through Gateway and STAR courses, and through Distance Learning courses.

Distance learning courses are mainly taken through the Volcanics eLearning Community & occasionally through Te Kura Correspondence School  

External Entries and study Support for Seniors

All senior students were given their external exam entry forms in July and are gradually completing them. These forms show which external exams students wish to take at the end of the year. We are required to have this information ready for NZQA by the 1st September and in order to process each entry we need these forms back by the 16th August. Seniors have also been given a calendar of weeks left until the externals start along with their NZQA login and credit score. Students are asked to plan for their deadlines and make space and time for study and completing internal assessments. Staff have also made themselves available during intervals and lunchtimes to support students should they wish to gain extra support or teaching.