Sickbay & Medication

If student's fall ill at school, or have an injury and need basic treatment or medication, such as plasters, ice, or bandages, the school sickbay is the place to go.  

All referrals to the sickbay are recorded in an incident book, and all treatment administered is only done so by Administration staff, who have their Basic First Aid Certificate.

Medication will only be given to students if parents/caregivers have given permission to do so on the students enrollment form e.g. panadol.  

Any significant injury or illness, or should the student need to go home, or get further treatment from a doctor, a parent/caregiver will be contacted immediately. 

Medication that needs to be administered daily during school hours, must be given to the school administration staff, along with a signed permission letter from a parent/caregiver.  The medication will be locked away, and only administered at the given time & by a member of the administration team. 

Medication must be named and labelled with instructions and administration times. All medication is to be handed to your child's teacher or the school office.

Please make sure the school office has up to date information about health issues or concerns and relevant contact details.