Health and Safety

Kia ora Coromandel Area School Whanau and Community. At Coromandel Area School we work hard to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for our students, our staff and our community. We are in the process of updating our documents and systems at school.

You will now be able to report a risk or hazard if you see something on the school grounds that is unsafe.

To do this you can email the risk/hazard to we will need basic information of where it is, when you saw the risk/hazard and what the risk/hazard is.

Some risks/hazard examples that you may report:

-Slippery floor while using the gym for after school sports

-Nail sticking out of building 

-Front gate by hall damaged and needs repairs

-The bark on the junior playground needs to be raked and spread out evenly

Please report what you see so that risks can be investigated as soon as possible. 

Thank-you for helping us make Coromandel Area School a safer place for everyone.

Please call the office to update all contact, medical and health information about your child as it changes.

If you are visiting our school please remember to sign in and out of the office. In the event of an Emergency or Evacuation please follow the instructions of our office staff/ teachers or the person you are visiting. The evacuation point is on the top field near the Rugby Club on the top hill. Please get there as safely as you can.

Fire: Continuously ringing bell

Lockdown: Ten rings of the bell

*We have a no dogs policy on the school grounds, however there are some exceptions, please talk to our office staff or the Principal about this.