Student Services

Our Public Health Nurse is Tessa Beattie, from the Waikato District Health Board. She is a registered nurse who works with us to Public health nurses are registered nurses who work to prevent disease, and promote health and wellbeing. She is in our school every Monday to provide support, advice and referrals on health matters. Students can self-refer or be referred to the Health Nurse.
Our School Counsellor is Pauline Dickinson. Pauline works out of our school every Monday, and has a private practise based out of Matarangi. Pauline has an extensive background in counselling and various research projects in Mental Health. Students can self-refer or be referred for an initial consultation.
Our Youth Intact practictioner is Joanne Eagle, who is in our school every Thursday. Joanne is a qualified youth drug & alcohol professional, with the skills & experience to help & support students & their whānau. Students can self-refer or be referred for an initial informal meeting.
Our school youth worker and attendance officer is Coral Clark, who works for CAPS Hauraki. This is a social service agency supporting local families to live safe, happy & thriving lives. Coral is often in our school supporting our students and their whānau in various aspects of their lives. Students will usually get referred for her services.
Our SWiS worker is Dave Hati. SWiS stands for a 'Social Worker in School', which is a government-funded, community social work service available for students across Year's 1 to 8. Dave is a trained professional who works in partnership with our school and our whānau so that children can learn, grow & thrive. Students and whānau will usually get referred to this service.
Our teacher in charge of Learning Support & Special Needs is Ben Kennedy. Ben supports staff & whānau with the identification of children with special educational needs. He then liaises with other providers, outside agencies, educational psychologists and external agencies, to get the support that is required.
Through the Waikato District Health Board, Community Oral Health provides oral health services for eligible children residing in the Waikato District. Oral health care providers will visit our school regularly to conduct dental checks on all Year 1 to 8 students. Whānau will be notified when these visits will take place.
Our sickbay is located in the Administration block at the front of the school, near the School Office. Administration staff all have current Basic First Aid Certificates & can administer basic treatments & medication. All medication is kept under lock and key. All allergies &/or illnesses must be made known to office staff.